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是不是很动心?别着急,今天,我们链安访谈直播间邀请到了Permission的创始人及CEO的Charles Silver为我们带来Permission重磅上线,开启消费新模式



Many people have noticed Permission recently. Can you give us a brief introduction on Permission?

Charles Silver:Permission.io’s mission is dedicated to helping individuals be compensated for their time and data while engaging in e-Commerce. Web 2.0’s business model is driven by tech giants who harvest and profit from our data when we shop or search for products online.

Permission.io的使命是致力于帮助个人在电子商务活动中获得时间和数据方面的补偿。Web 2.0的商业模式由技术巨头驱动。这些科技巨头在我们在线购物或搜索商品时获取我们的数据并从中获利。

Permission is about changing that model. We want to make sure that individuals receive value for their time and data in Web 3.0. That is why we are creating opportunities for people to share their data and earn our cryptocurrency, ASK, while engaging in eCommerce (deleted “and other advertising contexts”).

Permission.io致力于改变这种方式。我们要确保个人在Web 3.0中能从自己的时间和数据中获得价值。这就是为什么我们为人们创造机会在电子商务和其他场景下赚取我们的代币ASK。


Can you introduce the core team of Permission and the investment institutions behind it?

Charles Silver:We have an incredible team of serial entrepreneurs, PhDs, mathematicians and engineers from Fortune 500 companies, including engineers who built e-Estonia, the most advanced blockchain company in the world.


To date, thecompany has been supported by professional blockchain investors, including Eric Ervin of Blockforce Capital and Richard Li of Certus.One and Alphablock Investments, and a number of whales.

迄今为止,Permission获得了众多重磅专业区块链投资者的支持,包括Blockforce Capital的Eric Ervin和Certus的Richard Li,Alphablock投资公司,以及其他一些投资界举足轻重的人物。


Permission aims to return the ownership of time and data to individuals. Why does Permission enter the e-commerce market?

Charles Silver:eCommerce advertising amounts to roughly 40% of all digital advertising spend, and is rapidly increasing with Covid-19. With so much competition for consumers’ time and data, retailers that engage customers on their own terms differentiate themselves and see increased loyalty and ROI. Our simple-to-use coin helps retailers ask permission to engage. We make it easy for buyers to grant permission and for advertisers to offer rewards for buyers’ time and data while viewing advertisements, product videos and other branded content.



How does Permission solve the trust problem between users and enterprises?

Charles Silver:Data is now the backbone of the digital economy and consumer trust is fundamental to customer relationships. Regulations like Europe’s GDPR and the CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act) are just two examples of protections aimed at safeguarding user data. We have created the best solution by enabling the asking and granting of permission for the use of data. We believe establishing trust with the consumer requires making it clear how data will be utilized, compensating them for that data with a trusted currency, and then respecting those agreements.



Where is Permission's subversive and innovative in blockchain technology?

Charles Silver:Our innovation is in database technology, not just blockchain. We have invented proprietary deep technology with 9 issued patents that enables us to access and have visibility over personal data that is currently trapped in silos and applications.


The vast majority of shoppers have a complex, non-linear shopping journey. If you’re an advertiser with siloed tracking, you aren’t getting the full picture.


Our ability to connect personal data that is currently in silos allows us to influence and engage with users as they research, compare, and consider different options available to them. Retailers have access to a robust and permissioned data set that allows them to pick up on real-time signals of intent.



What are the application scenarios of Permission now?

Charles Silver:Permission.io is about to announce its core application in just a few short weeks. Users can sign up to become Permission members and begin earning ASK for watching product videos and engaging with branded content while shopping 10,000+ products. Users also earn for providing profile data and for referring friends, amongst other activities. The application will demonstrate how eCommerce retailers can drive conversions by rewarding consumers with ASK for the ongoing sharing of

data along the buying journey.


Shortly after launching Permission.io, we will be launching plugins for e-commerce platforms, including Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, Big Commerce, and Volusion. This enables the over 5M independent operators on these platforms to gain new customers and increase their sales by rewarding consumers for data and incentivizing behavior with ASK.

Permisison.io应用程序发布后不久,我们就会推出电子商务平台的插件,包括Shopify、Magento、WooCommerce、Big commerce和Volusion。这使得这些平台上超过500万的独立运营商能够通过奖励消费者的数据和通过ASK激励消费者的行为来获得新的客户并增加他们的销售额。

Permission have signed a deal with Coinpayment making ASK available to be used by over 4000 merchants.In addition, Permission can also accept payment by Bitcoin ETH.



How does Permission achieve profitability?

Charles Silver:Permission will be profitable by creating superior datasets and large audiences that advertisers in eCommerce will want to reach in a highly targeted way.



As advertisers, agents, content providers and individuals, how can they make profits under the economic model of Permission?

Charles Silver:Individuals profit from sharing data and by engaging with advertisements throughout the shopping experience.


Advertisers profit and increase ROI by targeting precisely and transparently, building long-term customer loyalty and trust.


Content providers profit from targeting users who volunteer to receive their ads.



We can see that Permission is playing a big game. What's the future plan of Permission?

Charles Silver:Permission’s vision is to make ASK a primary advertising option for eCommerce retailers. Retailers that deploy our plugin and use ASK to engage customers will drive conversions and increase sales.


The plugin distribution will create a network effect of attracting both advertisers and users via a novel channel that will push awareness and adoption of ASK to become a global crypto rewards program working and thriving outside of the Permission Platform.